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The Voice of Retirement Village Residents

WARVRA was formed in 1991 to provide a voice for the residents of retirement villages in Western Australia. It is a non-profit, incorporated body without party political or religious affiliation, run by a Council of volunteers elected by its members. In recent years the growth of retirement villages has been extraordinary and it has become apparent that the residents of retirement villages, and also prospective residents, need somewhere to go where they can obtain reliable information and assistance.

WARVRA is the Western Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association Inc

Consumer Protection Advice

Consumer Protection has advised that instead of renewing the RV Interim Code every 6 months, which has been the recent practice, the current interim code will be remade as a new Code under the Fair Trading Act for a period of three years.

This means that the current Code will remain until new legislation (Act, Regulations and Code) is in place.

The reason is that it is a very expensive process to replace the Code with many on-going costs, such as reprinting the Code, on each occasion.

Ron Chamberlain, President

Latest News

The Draft Retirement Villages Amendment Bill

NEW LEGISLATION NEWS, WARVRA has been contributing to the Stage 2 review of the Retirement Villages Act 1992 for over 4 years now. It has been a long drawn out process of Roundtables, Consultation meetings and reviews with all Stakeholders through the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, Consumer Protection Division (DMIRS). This resulted in a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) containing 35 recommendations as the basis for legislation reforms to the Act, Regulations and Guidelines. The DRIS was published on the DMIRS website for all to see in January 2022.

WARVRA May 2024 Newsletter

The WARVRA May 2024 newsletter is now available to read online or download!

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