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The Voice of Retirement Village Residents

WARVRA was formed in 1991 to provide a voice for the residents of retirement villages in Western Australia. It is a non-profit, incorporated body without party political or religious affiliation, run by a committee of volunteers elected by its members. In recent years the growth of retirement villages has been extraordinary and it has become apparent that the residents of retirement villages, and also prospective residents, need somewhere to go where they can obtain reliable information and assistance.

WARVRA is the Western Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association Inc

Stage two of the proposed reforms to retirement villages legislation in Western Australia

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WARVRA Meetings

WARVRA General Meetings are held quarterly, on the second Friday of February, May, August and November, commencing at 10 am.

Meetings are currently at the Auditorium at the Consumer Protection offices,  140 William Street in Central Perth.

Everyone is welcome (you can join the Association at the meeting).
After reports, there is time for a forum for any questions or concerns where we share our experiences, and a guest speaker.

Contact Us

Membership of WARVRA is open to retirement village residents as an all-village group or as individuals.

Village group membership is $2.00 per occupied residence per year.
Individual membership is $10.00 per year.

Please visit our Contact Page for details on getting in touch.
And our Membership Application Form can be downloaded from our Membership Details page.

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Scams and how to deal with them!

Welcome to this first article on the world of IT (Information Technology).

In this article I will discuss the topic that unfortunately has become an issue that we all need to be aware of, that of scams; what to do, how to identify them and what steps to take when we suspect we may be exposed to one, and how to lessen your exposure.

Railway Lane from Murray Street Mall - between "Forever New" & "Typo"

Our Next Meeting

Friday 8th November 2019 at 10:00am

Auditorium at the Department of Mines, Industrial Safety and Health

140 William Street, Perth

Link to PDF document with directions for locating the new venue:
PDF document with full Directions