Annual General Meeting & Election

As a result of our Training Seminars, it is pleasing to report that we have received eight (8) nominations for the seven (7) vacant Committee positions. The election will be conducted at our Annual General Meeting on Friday, February 8th, 2019.

Therefore, there is a need to conduct a ballot. Three of the current Committee continue for their second year of service – Maureen Miller, Corry Knappers and Rae Nordeck. The members who have nominated are listed in alphabetical order below:

  • Lexie Beardmore – Airforce Memorial Estate, Bull Creek
  • Ron Chamberlain – Joseph Banks
  • Jill Cooper – St Ives, Mandurah
  • Bernard Frayne – Ridgewood Estate
  • Lindsay Lane – RAAFA, Cambrai
  • Ian Nordeck – St Ives, Mandurah
  • Ned Stokes – Beacon Hill
  • Doug Sturrock – Regents Garden, Aubin Grove

Ballot papers will be prepared and distributed at the Annual General Meeting; the names will be drawn from a hat, under supervision, prior to the meeting to ensure there is no preferential treatment.

You may vote by proxy. If you wish to vote by proxy, you may appoint – in writing – another member to be your proxy. Please sign your document containing this information and ensure the Chairperson has possession of it prior to the Meeting commencing.

I look forward to seeing you at the Meeting.

Ian Nordeck
President/Membership Convenor
Ph: 9534 7650
Western Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association