Changes to iiNet and Westnet Email services.

During 2023 iiNet & Westnet (via their owner TPG) has been reducing the services they offer.

Most recently this has included the free email address subscribers to their Internet Services (ISP) were provided.

Examples of this are and

Another company (The Messaging Company) are continuing the service for those who wish to keep their email address.
This is free until September 2024, but will become a paid service beyond that.

To continue using your email address there is a procedure to follow – below is a link to the website that details how to do this.

The reason WARVRA is advising of this issue is that when the recent October newsletter went out over 300 iiNet and Westnet email addresses bounced.

It is difficult to know why so many bounced (the service is supposed to still be running), but it may be that some people with those addresses were not aware of the change or may have missed the notification email that was sent to them. Or they have decided not to continue and have switched to a different email service.

Some people may choose to keep their iiNet/Westnet address and others may choose to switch to another service such as gmail (from Google) or outlook (from Microsoft).

If any one is in this situation and your email is changing, advise WARVRA via the contact form on our website, select ‘Membership Enquiry’ (link below).

A support forum where IT support is discussed has indicated that the procedure to switch to The Messaging Company is not going terribly well! It is suspected that some users are having issues with the service!

If you require further assistance, fill out the contact form and select ‘Web Master – Dave Porter’ and we will do our best to offer help!

Finally if you know of any WARVRA members with an iiNet or Westnet address, please pass on this information to them!

Regards, Dave Porter