Residents Committees

What is a Residents Committee?

The Retirement Villages Code provides for the establishment of a "Residents Committee".  The function of the Residents Committee is to consult with the administering body (the owner, developer or manager) on behalf of the residents about the day-to-day running of the retirement village and any issues or proposals raised by the residents.

The residents of a retirement village may establish a residents committee by an election conducted among themselves or by the administering body if requested by a minimum of 5 residents or 10% of the residents (whichever is the greater) or if there are less than 10 occupied residential premises by a majority of the residents.

Only one residents committee (regardless of its name) may be established in the retirement village to fulfil the above function and only residents of the village may be members.

A member of a residents committee holds office for only one year (but may be re-elected) and may be removed at any time by a special resolution approved by the residents.

Setting up and running a Residents Committee

WARVRA believes that a residents committee is both desirable and advantageous in the development and management of any retirement village.  We have developed several resources for your use.