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Consumer Protection - Seniors Housing Advisory Centre (SHAC).

You can telephone the SHAC (located in Perth) for the cost of a local call on 1300 367 057 or email them at:

If you would prefer, you can make an appointment to visit and speak with SHAC staff located on Level 2, 140 William Street Perth.  Note that the entrance is via Railway Lane in Murray Street, just past the entrance to the Perth Underground Station.

Department Website Link

Understanding Retirement Villages

Retirement  Villages are a particular type of housing for retired persons (one of whom is over 55 years of age).  The system and the laws controlling it are explained here.  Click on this link:  What is a Retirement Village?

Most Retirement Villages offer you a residential unit on a lease for life basis, a few on a strata title and others on a "purple title" model.  Find out about Retirement Village tenure here

Selecting a Retirement Village

An experienced resident explains some of the issues to be considered in selecting a village.  And there is a checklist of issues contained in the Retirement Villages Code.  Click on this link:  Selecting a Retirement Village

Living in a Retirement Village

What's the same and what is different when you live in a retirement village.  One of our residents explains.  Click on this link:  Retirement Village Living

Finding a Village

A good list of villages can be found at

WA Retirement Village Law

click here for the WA laws governing retirement villages