Energy Policy WA Survey

The Survey will be open until Friday 16th of September

Energy Policy WA, a WA State Government body have approached WARVRA to get some information from member villages about Embedded Electricity Networks in retirement villages in WA.

An embedded network is where the village operator buys electricity from a supplier and on-sells it to the residents.

So if you pay your personal electricity account to Synergy or Horizon Power you do not have an embedded network – nevertheless please read on.

Embedded Electricity Rules currently apply, and those rules and policies are being reviewed.

One principle behind the rules was to prevent operators from profiting unreasonably from the on – selling of State generated electricity.

WARVRA is aware of some issues residents have with on-selling, and has agreed to assist Energy Policy WA by gathering some feedback from villages where we have members.

On behalf of your village could you please assist by completing this online survey.

It should only take a few minutes to complete the survey electronically, and by all means if you have any difficulties, please confer with your residents committee to achieve a response, or give Eugene Browne a call on 63636477

Even if you do not have an embedded network, we are still interested in your response up to question 4 as we are trying to work out the percentage of villages that use embedded networks.

We only require one response from each village.