Who may join WARVRA?

Membership of WARVRA is open to residents in retirement villages either as an individual or when the village has paid the annual subscription to WARVRA.

Individual membership is $10.00 per year.

Residents in villages that have paid the annual subscription to WARVRA. No additional payment is required.

Visit the Forms page to access the appropriate forms

WARVRA represents residents in retirement villages in WA.

Why join WARVRA?

The annual subscription enables WARVRA to:

    • Produce newsletters and other materials to keep residents informed.
    • Lobby the Government and the Village Operators on behalf of residents - more members increases the strength of our position!
    • Attend, by invitation, Regional meetings and visit villages in the state.
    • Advocate for members and support them in mediation and SAT hearings.

Members are invited to attend quarterly General Meetings, to share concerns and learn from others.

Members are eligible for election to the Council and Committees.