ARVRA (Australian Retirement Village Residents Association) is the national association representing the retirement villages residents in the states and territories.

ARVRA Objectives:

  1. Provide a voice for all Retirement Village residents in Australia.
  2. Liaise with nation-wide seniors and Retirement Village organizations such as the Council On The Ageing, National Seniors, Retirement Living Council etc.
  3. Provide policy input to Commonwealth and State Government departments and agencies.
  4. To facilitate the sharing of information between states and the development of appropriate policies.

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The member bodies are:


Retirement Village Residents Association (NSW)


Residents of Retirement Villages of Victoria (RRVV)


South Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association (SARVRA)

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Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages (ARQRV)


Western Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association (WARVRA)


ACT Retirement Village Residents Association