WARVRA October 2018 Newsletter

The October WARVRA newsletter is now released.
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Highlights include:

  • Presidents Report.
  • Notice of next general meeting (November 9th)
    Presentation by Chris Baynes, Editor of The Weekly Source.
  • Legal Advice.
  • Preparing for the next Legislation changes.
  • Code of conduct – Property Council.
  • FAQ – What is Refurbishing.

Amended liquor control regulation changes

As many of you will be aware, WARVRA recently made a submission on your behalf to Minister Paul Papalia to have the Liquor Control Act amended to permit Retirement Villages to gain an exemption from the Liquor Control Regulations 1989, and allow Residents Committees, or similar bodies, to be able to offer alcoholic drinks for sale within the village.

WARVRA’s submission met with approval and a copy of the Amended Regulations is attached for your information and records.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Paul Fricker and Neville Thorpe (Bethanie Waters Village) and Des Cousins (Harbourside Village) for their significant contribution in obtaining this outcome.

The relevant amendment is available to view in this PDF file.

Ian Nordeck

President/Membership Convenor
Western Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association

2018 July Newsletter

The 2018 July Newsletter is now live and available on the Newsletter Page

Items include:

  • Presidents Report.
  • Notice of next General Meeting – 10th August 2018.
  • Legislation & Advocacy Report.
  • Complaint Handling Procedures.
  • Can I be Evicted?
  • Greiner Report: Inquiry into the NSW Retirement Village Sector.

April 2018 Newsletter

The April 2018 Newsletter is now live and available on the Newsletter Page

Items include:

  • Presidents report.
  • WARVRA associates.
  • Legislation progress.
  • Village operator fined &
  • Letter to the editor