Proposed reforms to retirement villages legislation in WA – Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement 1

Over at the Commerce WA GOV Website, stage 2 of the proposed reforms is now available.

Below is posted the first three paragraphs of their news item – and there is a link below to view the full news post and links to the full article.

Significant changes to the Retirement Villages 1992 Act (RV Act) were put in place prior to 2016 as a result of the stage one review.  Many of these changes focused on providing the consumer with more information when deciding whether to enter into a retirement village agreement in Western Australia.

Despite the reforms, some problems have persisted including consumers continuing to enter into contacts without fully understanding their legal rights and obligations. Since stage one of the review further matters have arisen, and these issues are now being considered as part of the second-stage review.

As there are a large number of issues to be consulted on, the outstanding matters have been grouped in categories to deal with common issues and themes.  A Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS) paper will be released for each category for stakeholders to comment on any issues of interest to them.

Link to the full article.



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