WARVRA Clerical Assistant

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Shannon Macfadyen as WARVRA Clerical Assistant. Shannon was selected out of a pool of over 160 applicants. Shannon will be your point of contact for the delivery of all membership forms which are currently being updated to include her contact details which are: PO Box 135 Wembley WA 6913 or admin@warvra.org.au.

Shannon works under contract and will be employed 0.4 FTE. She has demonstrated to us her ability to work flexible hours, which will mean that she will work more time in busy periods and less in weeks where there is less demand for her services.

I would like to thank vice President, Eugene Browne for his part in arranging advertisements, contacting applicants and chairing the selection panel. Thanks also to Maureen Miller who served on the selection panel and continues to assist in the handover process with Shannon.

Shannon will play a big part in the administration of WARVRA.

I would also like to point out that we still require the services of members to serve on Council as:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

These positions will be far less demanding due to the fact that Shannon will be carrying out many of the tasks carried out by the previous Secretary and Treasurer.

The roles of the Secretary and Treasurer are stipulated in the WARVRA Constitution and the holders of these positions will ensure that the tasks assigned to both the Secretary and Treasurer are carried out according to the Constitution. Currently, I am acting Secretary and Eugene is acting Treasurer.

I would also like to thank Lindsay Lane (Cambrai) and Peter Farrell (Elimatta) for accepting the invitation to serve on the WARVRA Council. Lindsay has previously served on Council, while Peter is new to Council.

29th September 2022
Ron Chamberlain,

WARVRA’s new
postal address

PO Box 135
WA 6913