WARVRA Committee nominations are now open!

The Annual General Meeting of WARVRA will be held on Friday 14th February 2020.

In accordance with the Constitution agreed upon at the 8th November General Meeting
and subsequently approved by Consumer Protection:

  • The term of office for Council is 1 year with eligibility for re-election
  • The Nomination Form is on the website
  • The completed written Form must reach the Secretary by 24th January 2020 (3/155 Gaebler Rd Aubin Grove 6164)
  • Not less than 5, not more than 10, members comprise Council.

Retiring members of Council, but eligible for renomination are:

  • Ron Chamberlain
  • Lindsay Lane
  • Maureen Miller
  • Corry Knappers
  • Bernie Frayne
  • Lexie Beardmore
  • Jill Cooper

With the Review of Legislation, 2020 is a watershed year for WARVRA, making it vital to have a full complement of Council members with interest, skills and commitment.

The nomination form is available HERE on our forms page.

This link downloads a PDF version of this news item for villages to place on their notice board!