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A Significant Change to WARVRA Membership

An Important Message! This news item details significant changes to the WARVRA membership.

Member Alert from Ron Chamberlain WARVRA President

Budget time is around the corner and your operator or village manager should be starting a series of budget discussions with residents.

August 2021 Minutes (AGM)

The August minutes are now available to view on the Minutes Page. View the minutes page

The August AGM Newsletter is now available

An email notification will be going out in the next day or so. If anyone would like to view the newsletter …

WARVRA April 2021 Newsletter

The WARVRA April 2021 newsletter is now available.

WARVRA February 2021 Newsletter

The WARVRA February 2021 newsletter is now available.

WARVRA November 2020 Newsletter

The WARVRA November 2020 newsletter is now available.

WARVRA July 2020 Newsletter

The WARVRA July 2020 newsletter is now available.

Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS 3)

CRIS-3 is now available to view from the Department of Consumer Affairs website. Below are links to the relevant pages on …

Covid Safe App

This article contains some key points about the new Covid Safe App for your Apple iPhone or Andoid phone.

Backing up your computer on Windows

Although Windows comes with a backup program, a better option is a program called Macrium Reflect. There is a free version that provides all the features to do regular backups.

WARVRA April 2020 Newsletter

The WARVRA April 2020 newsletter is now available.