About Us

What are our purposes?

WARVRA provides:

  • Advocacy on behalf of residents.
  • Forum where residents can express their concerns and share their experiences.
  • Information for people considering whether to move into a Retirement Village.
  • Representation to government and other bodies for changes beneficial to residents.
  • Resources and training seminars for residents in their village management roles.

Who are our members?

Members are residents from retirement villages who have submitted Application for Membership forms and received approval from the WARVRA Council.

Residents may become members of WARVRA as individuals ($10.00) per year OR if your village has paid its annual subscription to WARVRA, submit an Application for Membership form for Council approval without additional payment required.

How are we organised?

A GENERAL MEETING, open to all members, is held quarterly (on the second Friday of February, May, August and November).  At the meeting reports are given by the President, Treasurer and the Conveners of Committees.  There is an opportunity for members to share in a forum to discuss issues arising in villages and to learn from each other.

The meeting in August is the Annual General Meeting at which reports for the past year are presented and members of Council are elected.

Regional meetings are held twice a year in the Peel, Mid-West, Great Southern and South-West Regions.


The management and administration of the Association is vested in the Council, which subject to the Associations Legislation (WA) and the WARVRA Constitution, manages the business and exercises the powers of WARVRA and carries out the direction of any General Meeting.

The current council members and their roles are:

President Ron Chamberlain Preside at General and Committee Meetings
Public statements and representation
Vice-President  Eugene Browne Deputise for President when needed
Secretary Hank de Smit Agendas and Minutes for all meetings
Direct queries to appropriate officers
Treasurer Jacquie Liddiard Receipts and payments
Produce financial reports
Council members Jan Stacey
Peter Farrel
Barry Butterworth
David Cummins
Peter Oldfield
Our current Council members
Legislation &
Eugene Browne (convener)
Ron Chamberlain
Hank De Smit
David Street
Lexie Beardmore
Barry Butterworth
David Cummins
Des Cousins (Consultant)
Advice on legislation and Code
Advocacy support for Villages and Residents
Legislation submissions and responses
Stakeholder meetings with Consumer Protection